Multiskills Training IT Support Video testimonial

Lionel Skinner

CEO – Multiskills Training

Multiskills Training is a Training organization that provides training and licensing for industrial equipment such as forklift, scaffold, crane and more.

As with most businesses IT is an integral part of our organization, and we were really struggling to find a company to look after our aspects and requirements in IT such as server, network support, pc maintenance, web design and SEO, that was until we found Mulink Technologies.

Since Mulink Technologies has been looking after our IT infrastructure, we can concentrate on our core business of training without having to worry about our IT systems failing us. If ever there is a problem with our computer system, Mulink Technologies uses remote desktop to fix the problem within minutes.

The other major benefit for us, is we have one resource who understands our business and how IT aligns with it, enabling us to operate more efficiently.

“If you are looking for a professional IT service, I highly recommend, Mulink Technologies, they’ve looked after us and thank you Mulink for doing so”.


Hayes Knight IT Consultancy Video testimonial

Ken Robertson

CEO – Hayes Knight

Mulink Technologies has been providing IT Services and consultancies to Hayes Knight for 5 years. Just like any other business, Hayes Knight is heavily reliant on IT functionality, they have over 30 employees in the organization and have been running for 40 years, though they still like to stay at the top of the IT industry.

Hayes Knight uses a mixture of Tablets, notebooks, PC’s and Apple products in their workplace. Mulink Technologies has been involved in 2 previous server installations for Hayes Knight which have been completely reliable and seamless.

“Mulink Technologies takes the time to understand the issues and your business, so they can deliver to you on time, every time and to your satisfaction”.

Hayes Knight recommends the services of Mulink Technologies very highly.

A1 Rubber IT Services Video testimonial

John Randel

CEO Director – A1 Rubber

Mulink Technologies recently provided IT services to A1 Rubber, Australia’s largest recycler of tyre rubber. With 50 staff, manufacturing facilities in Brisbane and a national Distribution network A1 Rubber needed a better IT System, better reliability and easier access to files and programs for static workers and remote travellers.

Max made it easy to understand what his plans where from the beginning, John Randel was extremely impressed by the professionalism Mulink Technologies had shown and the change over time which was completed after work hours meaning no employee lost one minute of work, which is something that is needed while changing over a large system.

“Thank you Max for the thought that you have put into our system, for understanding how our business works and providing us with a good IT system well into the future”.

“Highly recommendable, the right person for this sort of work”.

Key Solution Groups recommends Mulink Technologies as a IT Services partner

Francis Attard

Director – Key Solutions Group

Key Solutions Group has Melbourne, Brisbane, and Central Queensland.

“A Reliable IT hardware and service we can count on is completely critical to our business. Being able to access our systems 24 hours a day 7 days a week is the corner stone of their business and the key to maintaining our high level of customer service. Max has ensured this has happened, from the beginning of our business with only 2 employee’s over 5 years ago. With Max being able to maintain reliability and improve our systems efficiency he has enabled us to expand our IT infrastructure quickly to cope with the growth of our company”.

“With 40 Staff and 10 million dollars in turnover, we have relied on the services of Max ever since we started. Highly recommend Mulink Technologies services to anyone running a small to medium business looking to grow their business into the future, I am absolutely certain they will not fail you”.

AA Semi Trailers IT Services Video testimonial


Cofounder/Manager – AA Group of Companies

“After several comparisons with different IT companies, we chose Mulink Technologies to do our server system setup. The service provided by Mulink has been simply outstanding. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for new server setup or IT infrastructure support ”




Mackay Transit Coaches IT Support Video testimonial

Reagon Forsyth

Director – Mackay Transit Coaches

“Mackay Transit Coaches is based in Mackay, operating a fleet of over 60 buses and coaches and has around 90 staff. IT is extremely important to the operation of the business with extensive computerised systems. From scheduling of vehicles through to maintenance systems, everything relies on IT.

Max was involved in carrying out quite a complex project for us whereby we incorporated a new system from overseas allowing buses to wirelessly update their ticket sales information into our servers.
Max has been our IT support person having set up our systems, virtualizing our existing servers and making sure that the whole system aligns with our business strategy. Max has become a most welcome face when he walks in the door and he’s blended in with our staff so successfully.
Mackay Transit Coaches has no hesitation in recommending his services to any business looking for a reliable, competent and friendly person to support there IT system and network.”