Key Solution Groups recommends Mulink Technologies as a IT Services partner

Francis Attard

Director – Key Solutions Group

Key Solutions Group has Melbourne, Brisbane, and Central Queensland.

“A Reliable IT hardware and service we can count on is completely critical to our business. Being able to access our systems 24 hours a day 7 days a week is the corner stone of their business and the key to maintaining our high level of customer service. Max has ensured this has happened, from the beginning of our business with only 2 employee’s over 5 years ago. With Max being able to maintain reliability and improve our systems efficiency he has enabled us to expand our IT infrastructure quickly to cope with the growth of our company”.

“With 40 Staff and 10 million dollars in turnover, we have relied on the services of Max ever since we started. Highly recommend Mulink Technologies services to anyone running a small to medium business looking to grow their business into the future, I am absolutely certain they will not fail you”.