About Us

MULINK Technologies Pty Ltd is a technology and services company based in the Werribee suburb of Melbourne. Our clients are typically small to medium sized businesses based not just around Melbourne, but the whole of Australia. Unlike bigger consultancy companies which run call centres and your calls are answered by juniors, we provide you with a senior Level-3 technician who understands your entire IT setup and is committed to providing you with quicker resolution times. Knowing that a senior technician is looking after their business provides our customers with ultimate peace of mind.

What we do

Information Technology is evolving and more organizations each day are looking for business systems that would help them thrive in what they do best. All successful companies such as Microsoft, Google, McDonalds and Virgin have one thing in common – they all have well documented systems that manage and grow their business all the time.
Whether you are a retail shop, travel agency or a real estate agent, you must have systems that automate processes and help you grow. These systems are vital to the success of your business and must have a good backbone infrastructure to run on. MULINK Technologies are committed to providing you with the right backbone infrastructure to run these systems such that your business runs smoothly. What sets us apart from other IT Outsourcing providers is that, not only do we provide the Infrastructure to run these business systems but we also work with the vendors who make these business systems to understand how these systems can be tuned to your needs.

We provide a whole range of services and some of these are – System design and integration, network design, project management, day to day support of your hardware and software, Remote monitoring of servers, web design, monitoring of firewalls, disaster recovery and IT Audits.

At MULINK Technologies we are passionate about upcoming technologies and are always on the lookout for technologies and solutions that our clients can benefit from. Some of the technologies that we closely work with are – Cloud computing, hosted servers, in-house virtual servers, disaster recovery solutions, mail Filtering and web filtering solutions, virtual fax solutions, VOIP solutions and wireless hot-spot solutions.

Our Vision

To become the number one technology and services company in Australia on the basis of the quality of services we provide and not the size of our business.