Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Solutions

Disaster Recovery Strategy

Disaster recovery(DR) ensures that if your business loses access to data critical to its operations, it can be successfully restored to a pre-disaster state. It is much more than simply “backing up the data” and includes strategic planning. . The services can include redundant hardware, advanced networking architectures, customized backup and recovery solutions, offsite backups, and skilled staff to execute the plan. A lot of testing and planning is used to verify readiness and fine-tune disaster recovery. MULINK Technologies can develop a disaster recovery strategy so that the systems that are critical to your needs keep functioning.

Business Continuity

Business continuity (BC) is keeping a business running when a disaster occurs. The idea is that if the critical systems were to fail, customers never know about it, because business operations are immediately switched to a second server that can handle the workload. Once the systems are completely recovered by our engineers, the workload is transferred back to the original servers. MULINK Technologies have the experience and expertise to deliver such high end DR or BC solutions. Being a small business we can beat our competition significantly on project management and implementation fees.