Mackay Transit Coaches IT Support Video testimonial

Reagon Forsyth

Director – Mackay Transit Coaches

“Mackay Transit Coaches is based in Mackay, operating a fleet of over 60 buses and coaches and has around 90 staff. IT is extremely important to the operation of the business with extensive computerised systems. From scheduling of vehicles through to maintenance systems, everything relies on IT.

Max was involved in carrying out quite a complex project for us whereby we incorporated a new system from overseas allowing buses to wirelessly update their ticket sales information into our servers.
Max has been our IT support person having set up our systems, virtualizing our existing servers and making sure that the whole system aligns with our business strategy. Max has become a most welcome face when he walks in the door and he’s blended in with our staff so successfully.
Mackay Transit Coaches has no hesitation in recommending his services to any business looking for a reliable, competent and friendly person to support there IT system and network.”