A1 Rubber IT Services Video testimonial

John Randel

CEO Director – A1 Rubber

Mulink Technologies recently provided IT services to A1 Rubber, Australia’s largest recycler of tyre rubber. With 50 staff, manufacturing facilities in Brisbane and a national Distribution network A1 Rubber needed a better IT System, better reliability and easier access to files and programs for static workers and remote travellers.

Max made it easy to understand what his plans where from the beginning, John Randel was extremely impressed by the professionalism Mulink Technologies had shown and the change over time which was completed after work hours meaning no employee lost one minute of work, which is something that is needed while changing over a large system.

“Thank you Max for the thought that you have put into our system, for understanding how our business works and providing us with a good IT system well into the future”.

“Highly recommendable, the right person for this sort of work”.