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We, at Mulink Technologies, are dedicated IT experts that offer unrivaled Business IT Services in Werribee. We have been actively offering IT support, particularly to small- to mid-sized businesses such as accountants, architect, and doctors; to non-profit organizations, large mining companies, real estate developers, and education sectors. Our team has over 5 years’ experience in maintaining IT infrastructure for SMBs.

Because we value your business as much as value ours, we ensure that our services will cut down your expenses and streamline your business operation in Werribee. We are one of the very few IT companies in Werribee that never overlooks IT infrastructure detail, no matter how minute or seemingly insignificant it may be.

Our solutions are guaranteed most suitable for your business in terms of cost-efficacy, practicality, and management.

If you call us now at 1300 978 938, we will offer COMPLIMENTARY consultation and audit of your business network in Werribee!


What We Do


Mulink Technologies is in the business of providing high-quality IT Support, coupled with very competent IT consultants. If you call us now, we will audit your IT Infrastructure, including Network Infrastructure, Server Systems, and Security Systems (i.e. antivirus, firewall, anti-spam), and Backup and Disaster Recovery systems as A COMPLIMENTARY SERVICE. Not many IT companies in Werribee provide such offerings. This stems from the confidence that we have on our competence in server support, computer support, and business IT services in general.

After the audit, we will provide a comprehensive solution that will cut back overall IT cost, such that you will have a more efficient IT Infrastructure which in turn will contribute to the growth of your business in Werribee.

On average, Mulink Technologies can save your business 50% or more compared to other competitors in Werribee, and all of this while giving you a robust IT infrastructure and unmatched service. We have a great deal of satisfied clients as a testament of our high-quality Business IT Services.

By hiring Mulink, you can leave your IT infrastructure headaches to us while you focus on the enhancement and development of your core products and services.

Our Edge over Other Providers of Business IT Services in Werribee


The bulk of IT Companies in Werribee operate call center style operation, passing you from level 1 to level 3 technician, in a seemingly long and arduous process. Mulink Technologies cuts you through the chase and immediately gets you to a LEVEL 3 technician in Computer Support in Werribee. No IT problem in Werribee is too big or too insignificant for experts at Mulink Technologies to handle.

Mulink Technologies create solutions that tailor to your unique IT Support needs. We are very particular about deadlines and outcomes, and are very meticulous in every phase of the project from inception to maintenance.

Our consultants have extensive knowledge in Business IT Services honed by years of experience in the IT field. We fully understand your needs in Network Support, and we guarantee your business in Werribee a powerful and resilient IT infrastructure with virtually no downtime.

Your risks are our risks as well. It is with this thrust that we offer scalable, productive, and economical server support in Werribee. We consider ourselves not merely an outsource company, but a partner to your business. We invest heavily on your success.

Hiring Mulink Technologies means guaranteed results at a reasonable price. There are no hidden charges, and we can give you a fairly accurate prediction of your Business IT services costs. We pledge to hold ourselves accountable of your IT infrastructure outcomes!

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call now at 1300 978 938. We want to Attend to your needs in Business IT Services in Werribee!


Insurance Policy


Mulink Technologies has an IT Liability Insurance which covers professional indemnity insurance of AUD $1 million, and Public & Products Liability Insurance of AUD$5 million. We highly value your peace of mind!


Our IT Support Plan


As part of our plans in IT Support in Werribee, we offer detailed performance reports, network diagrams, strategic advice, and the like. The performance reports will help you analyze how your computer network, server systems, and IT infrastructure, are functioning as a whole. Strategic reports, on the other hand, will help your business plan in the future.

If you have second thoughts about our Business IT Services, we can put you in touch with our clients who have first-hand experience of our IT Support. They can account how our services have helped streamline their business operation.

If you need IT consultants in Werribee that can guarantee GREAT RESULTS AT REASONABLE BUDGET, call us now at 1300 978 938.


Our Certifications


Our technicians are not self-proclaimed experts. They hold sought-after IT certifications that make them leading experts in the industry. We can almost guarantee that very few in Werribee has such high quality of engineers. Our qualifications include top level vendor certifications from Cisco (CCNA), VMware (VCP), Microsoft (MCITP Enterprise admin).

Our certifications are a key to our competence and success in handling a wide array of clients across many platforms. We keep track of current and emerging technology trends, and use them in creating innovative and efficient solutions.


Some more Benefits of Hiring Mulink Technologies


  • For no added cost, we will install remote access software on all your PCs so we can provide quick and efficient network Support in Werribee. We are confident that most of the problems in server support in Werribee will be resolved remotely using this industry-leading software.
  • We offer fast and efficient response time.
  • We will provide you the mobile number of your assigned level-3 technician. He will attend to your needs in IT Support in Werribee as soon as possible. No frustrations of having to deal with ticket escalation and dealing with junior assistants.
  • Mulink Technologies will not charge you for travel time within 15-kilometer radius.
  • We monitor backups, antivirus, and server updates. We also provide monitoring of hardware servers created in the last two years.
  • Because we offer comprehensive IT Support in Werribee, we will also take care of your websites, domain hosting needs, and such. You don’t need any more third parties for these necessities.
  • We leverage the latest cloud solutions offered by Google and Microsoft. If your business requires added mobility and flexibility, we can help you with your migration to the cloud. This will allow you to access your files, emails, calendars, contacts, and the like, wherever you are in the world.
  • When it comes to hardware, Mulink Technologies deals with major hardware vendors such as DELL, HP, and IBM.


A COMPLIMENTARY consultation and audit of your network in Werribee AWAITS if you call us up now at 1300 978 938

f you are looking for a switch from your current provider in network Support in Werribee, or want to cut back on operation costs, or simply want to enjoy the benefits of a more efficient IT infrastructure, don’t hesitate to call Mulink Technologies at 1300 978 938. We would love to show you how we could help you with your IT needs.

This initial consultancy in Business IT Services in Werribee will be provided to you by Mulink Technologies for FREE!


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