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Mulink Technologies is a provider of business IT services in Point Cook that largely caters the needs of small- to mid-sized businesses. Our customers spans across individuals such as doctors, town planners, and designers; to non-profits, large Mining Corporation, real-estate developers, and education sectors. The IT consultants that we have are key to our success as a provider of IT support, possessing more than 5 years experience in managing IT infrastructure. And this is atop their formal IT education and high-level accreditations.


If you’re eyeing to reduce your IT expenditure while making your infrastructure more powerful and easier to use, then Mulink Technologies is the provider of business IT services in Point Cook that you are looking for. Not only is our IT support in Point Cook superior, it is also reasonably priced.

If you call us now at 1300 978 938 we will offer COMPLIMENTARY consultation and audit of your business network in Point Cook!


What We Do


Mulink Technologies exists as a provider of world class IT support in Point Cook. Compared to other IT companies in Point Cook, we can save your business at least 50 percent in IT outgoings because we offer only high grade level 3 technicians to take on jobs for our clients. These IT consultants in Point Cook do not only troubleshoot issues, but prevent them from happening again in the future. If you are in doubt, we welcome you to have a word or two with our clients and ask about our business IT services!


If you give Mulink Technologies a phone call right now, we will offer to audit your IT infrastructure in Point Cook as a COMPLIMENTARY SERVICE! We will look into your Backup and Disaster Recovery Systems, Security Systems (antivirus, firewall, anti-spam etc.), Network Infrastructure, and Server Systems, and propose solutions that can make them function more efficiently as an IT infrastructure. We are one of the very few IT companies in Point Cook that offer such complimentary service, and this is because we are confident that we top the chart when it comes to server support, computer support and all-in-all business IT services.


Hiring Mulink Technologies means less expensive IT infrastructure that functions faster and better than your current one, as well as enable you to have more capital to invest on the improvement and expansion of your actual business in Point Cook.


Our Edge over Other Providers of Business IT Services in Point Cook


Mulink Technologies does not have junior assistants that will initially handle your queries and pass them from level 1 to level 3 technicians. We want to give you some real troubleshooting as soon as we receive your query that’s why we provide you with your very own level 3 technician in computer support in Point Cook. There is no problem in business IT services that we deem insignificant, neither do we want to waste your time as you wait for us to get you to the right man for the job.


We are aware of the varying needs of businesses when it comes to IT Support in Point Cook. For this reason, Mulink Technologies tailor solutions that are made just for your business. Our IT consultants in Point Cook have vast knowledge and practical experience in network support and business IT services, and we wish to impart this capability to SMBs by providing them with powerful IT infrastructure with virtually no downtime.


Mulink Technologies will give you only the best IT infrastructure and IT support in Point Cook because as a business partner, we share risks with you. Our solutions are economical, productive, and scalable to cater your business IT services needs in Point Cook; and we guarantee that there will be no hidden charges! Mulink Technologies always does a very good job when it comes to predicting potential outlays!


So what are you waiting for? Give us a call now at 1300 978 938. We want to Attend to your needs in Business IT Services in Point Cook!


We have an Insurance Policy


Mulink Technologies has an IT Liability Insurance that protects us and our clients because we don’t want you to be wary of our services. This is inclusive of Public & Products Liability (AUD$5 million) and Professional Indemnity (AUD$1 million).


Our IT Support Plan


We want to keep our clients updated. As part of our plan in IT Support in Point Cook, we will provide you with performance reports, strategic advice, network diagrams and the like, to give you a summary of what’s going on with your server systems, computer network, and IT infrastructure in general.

If you need IT consultants in Point Cook that can guarantee GREAT RESULTS AT REASONABLE BUDGET, call us now at 1300 978 938.


Our Certifications


Our IT consultants are not just experts by name. They hold some of the most desired IT certifications today, and this puts them among the best in the IT scene. Among these certifications are Cisco (CCNA), VMware (VCP), and Microsoft (MCITP Enterprise Admin). Many engineers, IT consultants, experts, and enthusiasts tried to obtain these certifications, and most of which failed.


Other Advantages that Come with Hiring Mulink Technologies


  • Majority of the issues in server support and network support in Point Cook can be resolved without painstakingly having to go on site every time something happens. In order to resolve your problems faster, we will install remote access software on all your office PCs for NO ADDED COST!
  • Reliable and quick response time!
  • Mulink Technologies wants your attending level 3 technician to be at your arms reach in case glitches and troubles happen. For this, we are providing you the mobile number of your own level 3 technician in Point Cook.
  • You will not be charged of travel time if your business is situated within the 15-kilometer radius from our business office.
  • Antivirus, server updates, and backups are covered by our business IT services in Point Cook.
  • Mulink Technologies is comprehensive in its services which is why we also want to manage your domain hosting, websites, and other related services. Feel free to drop any third parties that are doing these things for your business!
  • Cloud migration is hot right now as businesses demand to be accessible anywhere in the world. Mulink Technologies leverage with the latest cloud solutions offered by Microsoft and Google. This will allow clients to access their emails, contacts, files, calendars, and such anytime, anywhere!
  • The hardware that we market to our customers come only from reputable vendors such as IBM, DELL and HP!


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If you feel like you’re not getting the right level of network support from your current provider, or want to lower your operating expenditures, or demand for a more competent business IT provider for meticulous projects such as cloud migration and server upgrade, then do not hesitate to call Mulink Technologies right now at 1300 978 938!


We offer an initial consultancy and audit for FREE because we are committed to being your business IT services provider in Point Cook! Hurry up and call us today at 1300 978 938!