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Who we are


Mulink Technologies is a top notch provider of business IT services in CBD. We bring in not only knowledge in the field of IT Support, but a whole lot of experience as well. Our IT consultants in CBD have at least 5 years experience in up keeping, IT infrastructure and creating highly-effective IT solutions for small- to mid-sized businesses. Our service is available to SMBs across all industries –from the fields of education, real-estate, medicine, accountancy, architecture, and other private businesses.


To help you shift to a cheaper yet more powerful IT infrastructure in CBD, do not hesitate to call Mulink technologies. We have all the necessary means and tools, as well as the right people to do the job for you. Our level service is superb, our solutions are highly potent, and our IT consultants very competent.


If you call us now at 1300 978 938 we will offer COMPLIMENTARY consultation and audit of your business network in CBD!


What We Do


Mulink Technologies is a top-grade provider of business IT services in CBD. If you’re having troubles with your IT infrastructure and are seeking for competent IT consultants in CBD, pick up the phone now and give us a call at 1300 978 938. If you do, we will be more than willing to offer you audit AS A COMPLIMENTARY SERVICE. We will examine the status of your Security Systems (antivirus, firewall, anti-spam etc.), Network Infrastructure, Server Systems, and Backup and Disaster Recovery Systems, and such; and then we will give you a summary of our findings so we can discuss how we will carry on from there. We will propose a few concrete plans on what needs to be done towards improvement with a corresponding cost expectation. This will ensure that you won’t spend more than you’re willing to.


Atop that, our business IT services in CBD could save your business at least 50 percent in IT costs compared to our competitors. We are able to do this because we only choose top notch technicians and IT consultants in CBD to be part of our team, as proven by actual on-field track record and highly-recognized accreditations from reputable organizations. They are not only experts in troubleshooting issues at hand, but also experts at tailoring solutions that can prevent outages from happening again in the future. For a company to have very little downtime means their productivity will increase, and we want to help SMBs in CBD achieve this feat.


Our Edge over Other Providers of Business IT Services in CBD


In order to be more efficient in providing IT support in CBD, we look past call center style business model whereby clients’ queries are passed from junior assistants to level 1 through level 3 technicians. Doing business this way can be very slow. We want to be the best provider of business IT services in CBD so we decided to eliminate the middleman and immediately provide you with the mobile number of your very own level 3 technician.


We also guarantee you that our financial plans for your IT infrastructure in CBD are accurate. There will be no hidden charges that will throw you off budget.


Hiring Mulink Technologies means that you can focus your attention entirely on the development of your products and the advancement of your business. We will be by your side to complement your efforts with scalable solutions that can match your needs in business IT services in CBD. We are here to provide you with efficient, powerful yet cheap IT infrastructure.


So what are you waiting for? Give us a call now at 1300 978 938. We want to

Attend to your needs in Business IT Services in CBD!


We have an Insurance Policy


To render you at ease with our services, Mulink technologies has an IT Liability insurance that covers us and our customers including Professional Indemnity at AUD$1 million, and Public & Products Liability Insurance at AUD$5 million.


Our IT Support Plan


There will be strategic advice, network diagrams, detailed performance reports, and the like as part of our plan in IT Support in CBD. In these reports, our clients will see how their computer network and server systems in CBD are working so we can implement solutions that will render the entire infrastructure more efficient and effective, and this we will do while cutting back on expenses.


If you’re unsure of our services, we welcome you to speak with our former and current clients. We know there’s nothing that can convince you better than an actual client who is experiencing, or has experienced our services. We are confident that we have more than satisfied them with our high-quality business IT services in CBD.


If you need IT consultants in CBD that can guarantee GREAT RESULTS AT REASONABLE BUDGET, call us now at 1300 978 938.


Our Certifications


We, here at Mulink Technologies, know that you only want certified professional technicians to handle your business’ needs in IT Support in CBD. This is why we offer you, with consultants who actually have IT certifications from reputable awarding bodies such as VMware (VCP), Cisco (CCNA) and Microsoft (MCITP Enterprise admin). You can’t be wrong, by hiring Mulink Technologies to take care of your needs in IT Support in CBD.


Some more Benefits of Hiring Mulink Technologies



  • We commit ourselves to providing you, with efficient and fast network support in CBD for which ,we will install remote access software on all your PCs. With this, you can inform us of glitches in server support in CBD as soon as possible.
  • We offer fast response time!
  • No more ticket escalation and junior assistant to delay your queries as we provide you the mobile number of your very own level 3 technician. If you have problems, you can get to your technician immediately.
  • We will spare you of charge for travel time if your business is within in 15 kilometer from our business center.
  • Antivirus, backups, and server updates are part of our IT Support in CBD. We will monitor these things for you, and even hardware server from up to two years ago.
  • We also offer to handle website services, domain hosting, and the like so you don’t have to hire another third party to do these things for your business! We want to make sure that we’re the only company in IT Support in CBD that you’ll ever need.
  • Mulink Technologies will help you with the latest cloud solutions from Google and Microsoft, and even your migration to the cloud so you can access your calendars, files, emails and such from anywhere in the world.
  • Our hardware only comes from well-established vendors such as HP, Dell and IBM.


A COMPLIMENTARY consultation and audit of your network in CBD AWAITS if you hit us up now at 1300 978 938


Businesses in CBD switch providers for a myriad of reasons; from reducing operating costs to dissatisfaction of services rendered. Whatever yours is, we ensure that Mulink Technologies can provide you with second to none network support and computer support in CBD. Do not hesitate to give us a call at , so we can get down to the details ,of how we can transform your IT infrastructure to a more robust and powerful one while reducing overall operating costs.


Hurry, our initial consultancy is available for FREE OF CHARGE!


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