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Who we are


Mulink Technologies is a provider of business IT services in Caulfield. We are very well armed with skillful and knowledgeable IT consultants that possess more than adequate experience in repair and maintenance of IT infrastructure. As experts in tailoring IT solutions that can boost small- to mid-size businesses; our clients range from real estate developers, non-profit organizations, the education sector, town planners, architects, doctors, and similar other individuals and entities.

It’s the most potent, yet labor saving IT infrastructure that you’re looking to make a transition to, Mulink Technologies is the provider of IT Support in Caulfield that you are looking for. We are confident about our business IT services in Caulfield; be it from the quality of IT consultants that we have, to the level of services and potency of solutions that we provide.


If you call us now at 1300 978 938 we will offer COMPLIMENTARY consultation and audit of your business network in Caulfield!


What We Do


When it comes in IT support in Caulfield, nothing quite compares to Mulink Technologies. If you phone us today at 1300 978 938, we will audit your IT infrastructure as A COMPLIMENTARY SERVICE! Unless a company is confident about the IT Support that they provide, they will not offer audit for no charge. It takes conviction, experience, and expertise to be providing business with second to none IT support in Caulfield — and we here at Mulink Technologies is proud to bring in all of that!


As part of the complementary audit, we will look into your Security Systems (firewall, antivirus, anti-spam etc.), network Infrastructure, Server Systems, Backup and Disaster Recovery Systems, and such. This will give us an idea of how to inexpensively fix and/or boost your IT infrastructure in Caulfield, and this we will discuss with you!


By inexpensively, we mean that we can save your business 50 percent or more compared to our rivals in the field of business IT services. We owe this largely to our credible and sought-after IT consultants in Caulfield that really knows this trade by heart. They are armed with theoretical and practical experience to give your business what it needs the most when it comes to IT support in Caulfield: higher productivity, cost-effectively, and less downtime!


Our Edge over Other Providers of Business IT Services in Caulfield


Our years and years of experience in the IT Support trade has given us a lot of insight on how to actually do this business properly to benefit our SMB clients. Unlike majority of the providers of business IT services in Caulfield, we do not operate like a call center, whereby queries of our clients are taken by a junior assistant and escalated from level 1 to level 3 technicians. We are here to speed things up, not slow it down by letting you go through the hassle of a process that will take ages. If you choose us as your provider, we will give you the mobile number of your assigned technician. If you’ve got an issue, hit him up asp and he will attend you with in no time.


Our goal here at Mulink Technologies is to let you focus all your attention to the advancement and growth of your business while we compliment your efforts with high-class business IT services in Caulfield ,that can help you do so efficiently, effectively, and inexpensively.


Because we promise that we are one of the very few IT companies that offers you the most reasonable prices when it comes to computer support and server support in Caulfield, we provide an accurate estimate of expenses that’s not going to exceed your budget.


Moreover, we understand your need to be at peace with our services, and this we can provide only if you speak with the clients we have worked with in the past or are currently working with. Nevertheless, we assure you that they are very pleased with the work we did or are doing for them!


If you need IT consultants in Caulfield that can guarantee GREAT RESULTS AT REASONABLE BUDGET, call us now at 1300 978 938.


Our Certifications


Mulink Technologies provides you only with reliable IT consultants in Caulfield, who have vast knowledge, work experience, and expertise in the business of providing IT Support. This is proven by premier IT certifications that they have earned over the course of their career such as VMware (VCP), Cisco (CCNA) and Microsoft (MCITP Enterprise admin).


Some more Benefits of Hiring Mulink Technologies


  • We want to be able to respond to your query as soon as possible that’s why we are going to install remote access software on all your PCs. If you’ve got an issue going, feel free to hit us up and we will attend to you in no time!
  • We don’t want to keep our clients waiting so we always see to it that our response is prompt at all times!
  • No need to go through the hassle of junior assistants and ticket escalation from level 1 to level 3 technicians because we will provide you with the mobile number of your very own level 3 technician. If you’ve got a problem, you can just call him straight away to address your issues in IT Support in Caulfield.
  • No charge for travel time if your business stands 15 kilometers from our business office!
  • Aside from watching over you backups, antivirus, and server updates, we will also monitor your hardware server that we manufactured up to two years ago!
  • With Mulink Technologies, you can drop the third parties that do domain hosting and website services for you because we are a one-stop shop for all your needs in business IT services in Caulfield!
  • We are also experts at implementing the latest cloud solutions from Google and Microsoft. We can manage your migration to the cloud to enable you to access your emails, calendars, contacts and all sort of files as you please!
  • Our hardware products only come from reliable and trusted vendors such as Dell, HP, and IBM.


A COMPLIMENTARY consultation and audit of your network in Caulfield AWAITS if you hit us up now at 1300 978 938


Mulink Technologies is here to help you improve your IT infrastructure while reducing the overall costs. We are also unparalleled when it comes to network support and computer in Caulfield. If you give us a call today at 1300 978 938, we can get into the details of how we can transform your IT infrastructure into a robust and more powerful one at a fraction of the cost compared to our rival companies. You can now focus on the products and services that your business offers as we match out your ideas with an IT infrastructure that can implement your strategies with ease and efficiency.



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