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Mulink Technologies is a business IT services provider that boasts highly competent IT consultants in Altona, each with at least 5 years experience in the field of managing and maintaining IT infrastructure. Our customers are largely small- to mid-sized businesses, from accounts, doctors, architects, and town planners; to large mining corporations, education sectors, non-profit organizations, and real-estate developers.


If you want to simplify and render your IT infrastructure more efficient while reducing your expenses, then Mulink Technologies is the provider of IT Support in Altona that you are looking for. Our company is competitive in virtually all aspects: from IT consultants to level of services and charges.


If you call us now at 1300 978 938 we will offer COMPLIMENTARY consultation and audit of your business network in Altona!



What We Do


Mulink Technologies render SMBs in Altona with incomparable IT Support. If you give us a call today, we will offer to audit your business IT infrastructure AS A COMPLIMENTARY SERVICE. There are very few top notch IT companies in Altona that offer free audit, and this springs from our confidence in our IT consultants and our overall strategy as a provider of business IT services in Altona.


Should you take rare this opportunity to get your IT infrastructure examined, we will audit your Backup and Disaster Recovery Systems, Security Systems (antivirus, firewall, anti-spam etc.), Network Infrastructure, Server Systems, and the like. This audit will give you an overview of your overall IT infrastructure in Altona; how it works and what needs to be done to improve it while staying inexpensive in doing so.


We are also very proud that we can save your business in Altona 50 percent or more in IT outlays compared to our rival IT support providers, thanks to the top notch technicians that we chose to be part of the team. Our IT consultants in Altona are not only trained and experienced in troubleshooting issues, they also prevent future outages from happening. Less downtime means higher productivity, and that’s what we wish to impart to every SMB in Altona that would our hire services.


Our Edge over Other Providers of Business IT Services in Altona


Mulink Technologies chose a more efficient business model than the rest of providers in IT Support in Altona. Most of them function in a call center style, whereby clients’ queries are taken by a junior assistant and are escalated from level 1 to level 3 technicians. This process takes a lifetime and we don’t want you to bear with that which is why we will cut you through the chase and assign you with your very own level 3 right away.


With Mulink Technologies, you can give your full attention to what your business is all about while our superb business IT services in Altona will compliment your efforts by tailoring valuable and clear-cut IT solution to help you do so. Not only will we transform your IT infrastructure in Altona to a more powerful one, but do so efficiently and cost-effectively as well.


Mulink Technologies is fairly accurate in predicting expenses that’s why you don’t have to worry that we may charge you with exceedingly high fees that is way beyond your budget bracket. We also promise that there will be no hidden charges. Our success is largely dependent on your business’ performance IT-wise!


So what are you waiting for? Give us a call now at 1300 978 938. We want to Attend to your needs in Business IT Services in Altona!

We have an Insurance Policy


We want our customers to feel at ease with our services so we cover our company and our customers with IT Liability Insurance inclusive of Professional Indemnity worth AUD$1 million, and Public & Products Liability Insurance worth AUD$5 million.


Our IT Support Plan


We will provide our clients with network diagrams, strategic advice, detailed performance reports and the like on a regular basis. These reports will allow our customers to get a comprehensive overview of how their computer network, IT infrastructure, and server systems are working on the whole, and help them plan for the future with greater efficiency. It’s all about being more competent while reducing the overall costs.


We welcome you to speak with our clients, old and new, if that will make you more at ease with our services. Mulink Technologies know that there’s nothing else that’s going to give you better peace of mind than hearing how we handle our clients. And we assure you that our clients are more than pleased with the level of service that we provide!


If you need IT consultants in Altona that can guarantee GREAT RESULTS AT REASONABLE BUDGET, call us now at 1300 978 938.


Our Certifications


Mulink technologies understands that you need actual technicians in Altona ,who have earned themselves leading IT certifications ,to make sure they can really do the job. Our IT consultants in Altona have just those, particularly Microsoft (MCITP Enterprise admin), VMware (VCP), and Cisco (CCNA) Certifications.


Our knowledge and aptitude in providing business IT services in Altona are based upon our certifications. This is largely the focus of our efficient and innovative solutions.


Some more Benefits of Hiring Mulink Technologies


  • In order to provide you with fast and effective network Support in Altona, we will install remote access software on all your PCs so you can hit us up as soon as possible, should there be any problems in server support in Altona .
  • Our response times are very fast!
  • We eliminate the hassle of ticket escalation and junior assistants as by giving you the mobile number of your very own level-3 technician. We value your time!
  • Should your business stand within 15-kilometers from our business office, we will not charge you for travel time.
  • We will keep track of your server updates, antivirus, and backups, as well as your business’ hardware servers manufactured two years ago max!
  • We pride Mulink Technologies as a one-stop provider of IT Support in Subur6. This is why we will also handle your needs domain hosting, website services, and the like. You can drop the third parties that do these services for your business.
  • We take advantage of the latest cloud solutions from Microsoft and Google, as well help you migrate to the cloud. Your contacts, files, emails, and calendars will be accessible anytime, anywhere!
  • Mulink Technologies deals only with reputed hardware vendors such as IBM, HP, and Dell!


A COMPLIMENTARY consultation and audit of your network in Altona AWAITS if you hit us up now at 1300 978 938


Whether it’s reducing operating costs, or switching providers that can provide a much more powerful IT infrastructure, and better network support and computer support in Altona, Mulink Technologies is here to to help you achieve that. Call us now at 1300 978 938, and we will talk about how we can work together towards a more powerful IT infrastructure for your business in Altona!

Mulink Technologies provides an initial consultancy in Business IT Services in Altona for FREE!


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